How We Work

Before the Engagement

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. We believe that the same applies to us. That’s why we begin every engagement with a thorough discovery of needs. We find out exactly where our customer’s GAP is, and then honestly assess whether or not we can help them bridge it.

We also begin many of our engagements with assessments. This may be 360 degree surveys, personality assessments, team assessments, or a performance assessment so that we can measure ROI.

During the Engagement

At Bob Ramsey Seminars, we are committed to creating exciting and engaging corporate training seminars. We include lots of interaction and multimedia in order to maximize participation and overall learning.

We focus on building trust and developing deep relationships so that we can create and sustain the greatest possible improvement.

After the Engagement

We don’t leave our clients high and dry after an engagement. We believe that lasting change is a process, not an event. Therefore we often provide homework and assignments for our clients in order to maximize retention of the skills they learned during the seminar.

We also regularly provide follow-up assessments so that we can objectively measure results and help our clients determine their ROI.