The Ultimate Coaching Formula

Bob Ramsey has been an executive coach for key staff in Fortune 500 companies across the United States. His success comes in part from his personal coaching skills, developed over decades of coaching and which rest upon his own management experience. But another major source of his success is his Ultimate Coaching Formula: a scientifically-based program that has been refined through hundreds of coaching clients to deliver the greatest possible coaching results.

In his coaching program, Bob first assesses his clients to discover their areas of high potential and relative weaknesses. Then he crafts a specific program to empower their development, using the program populate each client’s growth requirements.. This allows clients to learn what they need to learn, in order to achieve what they want to achieve. Time and again, Bob Ramsey has helped clients surprise themselves as they accomplish more than they even thought was possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. “What Can I Expect From Coaching?”

2. “How Will I Know If The Coaching Is Working?”

3. “Is Telephone Coaching or Videoconferencing Available?”

4. “Are Coaching Meetings Confidential?”

5. “What Happens If It Doesn’t Seem To Be Working?”

Corporate Clients

Bob Ramsey often engages corporations, engaging key personnel and putting them on a monthly coaching program. This program begins with an assessment and then develops each individual through their necessary growth actions. Bob taps into their ambition, gives them realtime feedback and helps them build new habits. Afterwards, without fail, coaching participants have shown measurable increases in their Versatility and 360 scores. Several companies have engaged him for these corporate coaching programs including Spectrum Brands, Cope Plastics and Federal Steel.

CASE STUDY: NCH Regional Management Issues

Developed an integrated training and coaching solution to resolve a potentially explosive personnel situation. An area manager was facing insubordination from a cross-silo colleague. A preoccupied supervisor and generally ambiguous lines of authority threatened to disrupt the whole area’s operations. So Bob met with all the belligerents, developed a coaching plan and empowered the area manager to regain control of his team. After six months, team assessment scores increased 46%, impressing the executive team and leading to projects with wider scope.

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