Bob Ramsey is keynote speaker, author and leadership coach.

As one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Köhler Effect, Bob teaches audiences how to motivate extraordinary performance using the power of teams.

Bob delights audiences with fun and inspirational presentations. He’s sure to make your event better with his contagious enthusiasm and worldwide expertise.

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Popular Keynote Speeches

  • “The Anchor’s Strength: How to Smash Performance Records with the Köhler Effect”
  • “The Lion’s Gambit: How a Simple Risk Ultimately Determines a Leader’s Outcomes”
  • “Don’t Hold the Hammer: Mastering the Art of Delegation for Maximum Performance”
  • And Many More!

Online Leadership Training

Welcome to my latest online training course: “Motivation Techniques for Leaders”

Do you have goals that require the performance of others? If so, you need to learn the skills of motivation. Whether you are in business, non-profits, sports, community or a family, your success depends on your ability to convince others to take action.

This course is not about forcing people to move. It’s about making them want to move. Not by throwing money at the problem. But through your own skillful use of conversation. Say the right things, and you can get people to move mountains.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The 15x most powerful motivational phrases that you can say — including how to say them, when to say them, and an example of using them properly
  • How to think like the most successful leaders think
  • How to calibrate your personal motivational style
  • How to motivate people to step into the unknown
  • How to motivate people to persist through the darkness
  • How to motivate people to go the extra mile
  • How to motivate people to innovate new growth
  • How to make your motivational words more powerful

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The Leadership Push

In The Leadership Push: How to Motivate Extraordinary Performance from Ordinary Workers, Bob Ramsey explores the consequences of the Köhler Effect, revealing which techniques elicit the strongest motivational results.

Based on years of clinical research, executive surveys, and interviews with real world business leaders, The Leadership Push was written with you in mind. The chapters are short and quickly paced. The research is solid and insightful. The action plan is clear, with a complete workbook embedded into each chapter. There are no filler chapters to waste your time. Every sentence is laser-focused to help you improve your leadership skills. 

The Leadership Push has become an instant classic for business leaders. Don’t miss your chance to benefit from this motivational and transformational book. Your attitude, skills, and results will never be the same. 

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Bob’s Coaching Formula

Leadership is all about development. Developing your people to be better, smarter and more productive? Then the sky is the limit for your career. Developing yourself into a more mature, inspirational and skillful leader? Then nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

Bob Ramsey has created the industry’s best development system: his Ultimate Coaching Formula. This is the system he has used to coach and develop leaders from Fortune 500 companies across the world. If you want to develop yourself or others, this system might be the missing link that you’ve been looking for.

Listen to this free audio presentation where Bob Ramsey describes the principles of his coaching system. Use if for yourself, or know what to expect when you hire Bob to coach your people.


“Bob’s delivery of the content is spot on and he truly lives the message he communicates. He is a man of high integrity, well polished, and is well respected as a credible expert in the content.  I strongly recommend him to you and your people.”

Steve Riach
Founder & Board Chairman
Heart of a Champion Foundation

“I highly recommend Bob Ramsey to your organization. I am confident that your people will experience the same transformational benefits that I have enjoyed”

Glen Smith
Technical Systems Analyst
Sandia National Laboratories

“Bob is a great communicator who always seems to connect with his audience… His training was always of value… to the employee and the company”

Blake Gage
Vice President ES&D/Fleet/Training

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