A few client testimonials:

“Bob is a great communicator who always seems to connect with his audience. His training was always of value and he worked very hard to make sure that he gave the type of training that made a difference, both for the employee and the company.”

– Blake Gage, VP of ES&D/Fleet/Training at Multi-Chem

“He is a man of high integrity, well polished, and is respected as a credible expert in the content. I strongly recommend him to you and your people.”

– Steve Riach, Founder & Board Chairman of Heart of a Champion Foundation

“Even though I have spent a large part of my career in business development, interacting directly with potential and current clients, Mr. Ramsey’s training benefited me personally by making me aware of specific communication styles and how I can be more effective and respectful in how I communicate with my co-workers. I believe the training has benefited Sandia as a whole by raising everyone’s awareness of communication styles and the positive and negative impacts we can have on people in the course of a normal day. Mr. Ramsey delivers his material with insight and passion that makes the training one of those “ah ha” moments; when subtle things become obvious and you walk out of the training knowing you have knowledge you will use to be more effective in professional and personal relationships.”

– Glenn Smith, Technical Systems Analyst for Sandia National Laboratories

“Bob Ramsey is knowledgeable and dynamic. The creativity flows in the room and the discussions are very useful. He challenges the group to step outside their box and to strive for greater heights.”

– Steve Schreiner, Information Systems Development Manager for New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union