Assessments are one of the most powerful weapons in the war for increased performance. They provide precise data for improvement without excessive preferential bias or subjective misinterpretation. They are absolutely critical to change management efforts, succession planning and overall competitive advantage.

Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions…

We offer three major assessments: the Social Style assessment, the 360 Degree assessment and the team assessment.

Social Style Assessments

The Social Style assessment provides valuable insights into your own personality and the personality patterns of others. This is often the first step in trust-building, succession planning and other important business initiatives.

360 Degree Assessment

The 360 Degree assessment can be a harsh reality for some, but its extremely valuable for all. Our effectiveness suffers when we don’t know how others see us. But with a 360 Degree assessment, you know exactly how you’re actions are being interpreted and which areas of your approach can use the most improvement.

Team Assessments

How effective is your team? Do they communicate well? Do they have a common goal? Do they have constructive conflict? The team assessment answers these questions and gives you a precise blueprint for increasing team performance.