Online Leadership Courses

Welcome to my latest online training course: “Motivation Techniques for Leaders”

Do you have goals that require the performance of others? If so, you need to learn the skills of motivation. Whether you are in business, non-profits, sports, community or a family, your success depends on your ability to convince others to take action.

This course is not about forcing people to move. It’s about making them want to move. Not by throwing money at the problem. But through your own skillful use of conversation. Say the right things, and you can get people to move mountains.

In this course, you will learn:

The 15x most powerful motivational phrases that you can say — including how to say them, when to say them, and an example of using them properly

How to think like the most successful leaders think

How to calibrate your personal motivational style

How to motivate people to step into the unknown

How to motivate people to persist through the darkness

How to motivate people to go the extra mile

How to motivate people to innovate new growth

How to make your motivational words more powerful

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