Stretching Your Adult Brain

I facilitated a seminar last week for a group of rocket scientists who were at the top of their very technical game. This group have top secret jobs associated with secret weapons and national defense. They could tell me about it but then they’d have to….you know.

The subject matter was personality types and how we communicate differently based on our personality preferences. So many organizations have improved their effectiveness by becoming adaptable using personality type training and this group wanted those results too.  Some of the engineers were a little perplexed by this psychology stuff and kept trying to apply it with math and other technical methods.  These very smart people seemed to be using a part of their brain they don’t normally use.

My goal in business training is to make sure there is a business benefit.  I usually see several other benefits for seminar goers and one is the stretching of the brain.  My rocket scientist friends were very accomplished in rocket science but not especially well versed in personality types.  This stretched their brains.  Recent research has been confirming what our bridge playing aunt Irene always touted:  learning keeps the brain healthy and functioning.  Here Barb Strauch may say it better than me:

Continuous learning throughout life is important.  Not the same kind of education we experienced in school and not for the same reason but possibly for multiple reasons.  Maybe that’s one reason lots of people keep seeking out learning experiences.  Even rocket scientists.

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