Read Your Way to Success

Without a doubt, reading good books can accelerate you success as fast as anything.  The world’s greatest minds are found in books and these are relatively cheap but for the discipline to read them.  All of the greatest people now and in history have been avid readers of great literature.  Our country was founded by men who were familiar with the classics and applied what they knew to design our very resilient government.

Most of the best habits that create success are suggested by books.  Staying disciplined to make personal change can be encouraged by reading good books.  I don’t know anyone who has achieved great levels of success without reading.  “Readers are leaders”, I have heard many times and believe it true.

So what books and how many?  First, resolve what NOT to read.  Most newspapers and magazines are just printed to be entertainment and have little beneficial content.  Magazines about your field printed by professional organizations are exceptions to this and usually have very valuable articles about your profession.  Other than that, stick to proven and classic works.  As for amount, try to read every day.  30 minutes every morning would be ideal.  Remember, your mind is under attack constantly from substandard philosophies and inoculating yourself daily is a great idea.

Google “top personal improvement books” and you’ll get a fairly good list.  One of my favorites is Brian Klemmer’s “If How-To’s Where Enough, We Would All Be Skinny, Rich, and Happy” which isn’t on most lists.  Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is another one that I wish all Americans would read.  I love the Bible.  From there, ask for recommendations from well read people or your mentor.  I always take note of book recommendations during good speeches.  That usually serves me very well.

As you read, you’ll find your knowledge and wisdom grow and your world will grow too.  Your challenges will find more answers and more opportunity will appear on your horizon.  You’ll sit at the feet of the world’s top teachers and be the beneficiary to all their thoughts.  All for the discipline of reading.  Wow!

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