Marathon Reflections

I was really inspired at the Go St Louis marathon today.  We went to watch our daughter-in-law run her 8th full marathon but got more benefit than we expected.  Thousands of people went out on a warm, muggy St Louis spring day to run the 26 mile marathon or the 13 mile half marathon.  Others chose to walk the 13 miles.  All of them made me glad.

I was glad because I really want to live among healthy people.  These neighbors of mine have been working hard to achieve a higher level of fitness in their lives.  When they strive for health, it makes me want to discipline myself to stay healthy too.  Not only does this tend to keep health care costs down it just makes us all happier too.

I was glad because I want to live among goal oriented people.  I have experienced the magic of having goals in my life and it inspired me that so many have set running or walking 13 or 26 miles a goal for themselves.  I know that setting that goal will lead them to more goals and soon they’ll be living a bigger, better life in many ways in addition to better fitness.

I was glad because it was like a street party with a healthy focus.  Thousands of us cheered each other on to do a good thing instead of to do some other less beneficial street activity.  Sometimes those streets aren’t very friendly, but they were today.  I hope we demand more good street activities and not give them over to the dark side.

And one more thing I was glad about:  I was part of a community today.  I used to live in a very small world with only room for 1.  Me.  The more I see myself as part of your world, the bigger and brighter and better my world is.  Thanks for being there.  Bob

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