What the CEO wants you to have:

I ask executives frequently if they want their people to have written goals.  They almost always answer “yes”.  I think most workers would assume the CEO doesn’t care about their goals.  He/she must be thinking about other, more noble (or financial) thoughts than what the average employee desires in life.  Well, they’re wrong; their goals are important to the boss.  Here’s why:

Good leaders care about the personal goals of the workforce because they know it makes them better.  Having goals gives them a reason to be their best in the workplace.  Every good boss would love a company full of people who are working on themselves and using their jobs as a tool to improve their value in the marketplace.  People without goals usually don’t make as good employees.

If you’re a boss, use this truth to raise your productivity.  Encourage your people to set goals, write them down, and work on them often.  Help them set several goals in all areas of their life and get excited with them about reaching those goals.  Give them a vision on how their job can contribute to getting what they want in life both financially and otherwise.  Remind them how ambition is frequently rewarded and how all successful people set goals.  Is this appropriate?  Yes!  If workers don’t want to go there with you, that’s ok.  It’s not part of the job description and won’t be counted against them.  But many employees would welcome this coaching from their boss.

Most CEOs realize that they’re in a relationship with the workforce.  They serve the needs of their employees and the employees serve them.  And like all relationships, investing in the other party is one great way to strengthen and get more out of that relationship.  An important part of leading people is helping them making wise decisions and them having goals benefits you both.

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