Why Corporate Training?

In a word: productivity.

Productivity is the key to every organization’s success. It is the golden thread that binds together all businesses regardless of their industry, corporate culture, or business model. Without productivity, everyone will fail.

And productivity is exactly what corporate training improves.

As companies fight to maintain and grow market share, they are faced with the classic problem of business: where to allocate resources. We live in a world of limited resources and every decision requires a tradeoff. There are a thousand things that would be nice to do, but what if you can only do 5?

This is where corporate training can increase your options.

Imagine a company with 100 employees that wants to increase their strategic scope. Traditional thinking says that they will need to hire a new team of, say, 5 people to handle the new work.

But what if you could increase the productivity of your existing workers instead? What if, instead of hiring 5 new employees you increased the productivity of your existing 100? If you increased each employees productivity by just 10% over the course of the year, that would equate to hiring 10 new employees.

But the reality is even better.

Think of all the things that you avoid when you choose corporate training over hiring new people.

  • You don’t need to pay taxes or health insurance
  • You don’t have anyone new to manage
  • You can fire your corporate training firm at any time

Best of all, rather than paying the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to assimilate your new people, you can pay a fraction of that to contract out to a training firm.

In short, corporate training firms increase your strategic options by increasing the productivity of your talent pool.

  • We can help you enter new markets by equipping you people with new skills
  • We can cut your costs by reducing waste and conflicts among your workers
  • We can increase your revenues by increasing the output of your sales staff

There’s a reason that all the Fortune 500 companies use corporate training. There are too many benefits for it to be ignored.

If you’re interested in learning how Bob Ramsey Seminars can help you, contact us. We would love to put together a training package that increases your productivity and helps you achieve your strategic imperatives.

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