No more complaining


Complaining will no longer be accepted here.  All complainers are being asked to cease that habit and replace it with more positive thoughts and words.  Your complaints irritate the rest of us. They lower productivity and make small problems bigger while erasing progress.

However, the BIGGEST reason we will no longer permit complaining is because of the damage is does to YOU, the complainer.  You are much too important to us to see you lower yourself to complaining.  We care about you and your contribution here so cannot permit you to be hurt like that.  So the complaining must stop immediately.

It is widely known that the situation you’re complaining about will actually INCREASE the more you complain about it.  We attract into our life what our thoughts think and our words speak.  So don’t think or say any complaints about difficult people or circumstances unless you want more of those.

We know this habit is hard to break so we have added some tips to help you get started:

1. Ask 2 or 3 of us if your complaining is a problem.  You might be in denial and we’ll do our best to bring you back to reality.  We’ll be kind, if you’ll be humble.

2. Make a decision to not speak any ill of any one or any situation no matter how justified that may be.

3. Ask one of us to hold you accountable for this change.  We will be glad to help by clicking a clicker, holding up a finger, raising an eyebrow, or whatever it takes to remind you to behave.

4. Create sympathy for the person/situation you are tempted to complain about.  Imagine they have suffered a terrible loss and are coping the best they can.  (It’s probably true!)

5 . Make a list of 5 of your favorite personal successes and how you feel about those.  Read this list every morning before you do anything else.  This creates a good positive thinking habit.

6. Get accustomed to a new perspective.  Expect to be happier, more peaceful, and more creative.

Complaining is a subtle form of self destructive behavior and we will not allow our valuable people to do that.

Any further complaining will receive disciplinary actions.  No exceptions.

Bob R

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