Visualize your perfect week


This is a time management/personal success tip that I use.  Successful people have a habit of creating their own future.  They see their ideal future first, then consciously and unconsciously arrange actions to move them toward that ideal state.

So the tip here is to create your perfect week in advance.  Make a list and draw a mental picture of what your life would look like if you created massive results this week.  “See” those goals already accomplished and imagine how you will feel with them completed. Emotional energy is key in making that dream a reality.

Creating your perfect day, month, and year in advance is wise too but the week is a very practical time length.  We can look at a week’s plan and assess it whether it’s too big or too small.  (Its usually too small).  A week is long enough to get major things done but not too long to wait for the payoff.

Here’s one problem: we get distracted.  Sometimes whole days or even several days are preempted by interruptions.  But it’s less likely to have an entire week be consumed with distractions.  And even if it is, we can use small bits of time throughout the week to make progress on our major goals.  When we’re distracted, we can go right back to making headway if we have that vision in front of us.

Here’s another problem: we don’t even have an ideal future or we don’t know what it looks like.  Seeing the future takes some practice.  Translating our goals into a visible picture takes some mental effort and risk.  Many of us have developed a defense mechanism against dreaming too big.  It hurts when we don’t win, so why compete?  Develop the mental discipline to defeat this poor thinking.  Set some exciting goals!

So here is the key:  Write down at the beginning of your week, what would make this week ideal.  What events would transpire to create an ideal situation in every area of your business and personal life.  What difficult tasks must you do, what people do you need to collaborate with, and what would happen to make this week perfect in every way?  Think about that for a time then make an action plan to start the process.  Even working around the edges or creating preparations for your goals can create progress.

If you think about it, many of your greatest accomplishments were done this way.  You, or someone for you set some goals and created a vision around those goals.  Then you went to work to make that vision a reality.  This tip is about making all 52 weeks a project like that.  Try this out for several weeks and see if it works for you like it has for thousands of others.  And let me know how it has helped you.  Bob R

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