Visualize your perfect week

This is a time management/personal success tip that I use.  Successful people have a habit of creating their own future.  They see their ideal future first, then consciously and unconsciously arrange actions to move them toward that ideal state. So the tip here is to create your perfect week in advance.  Make a list and […]

Problem Finding

We are all aware on how important the skill of problem solving is.  But there is a related skill that is even more important.  This is the skill of problem finding.  Finding, analyzing, and understanding problems is the key to more success in your career. This was studied in a classic case of fourth year […]

Seize the moment with key people

One way to personal effectiveness is being able to focus on the proper task or person at the proper time.  This often boils down to “wherever you are, be there”.  Especially with people, “being with” that person without being distracted is a key element in interpersonal and business success.  It is also a fundamental part of […]